Casino Games Evaluation: Change Log

In order to choose games for my selections, I test them using my own approach. Find out about the latest updates to it in my game changelog below.

August 14, 2021: v 2.2

I decided to write short reviews of the most popular UK casino games. From these reviews, you can learn why, how, and where to play the game of your choice. Find all existent game reviews on this page.

February 28, 2021: v 2.1

I formalized my approach to testing online casino games. I recommend my readers to select a specific game using my filters:

  • 🆕 The newest game
  • 💸 The payout rate
  • 💎 Max bet
  • 💡 Min bet

I use them, too, when I write my guides. These criteria are the most essential ones, and they vary depending on what I want to get from the game.

January 21, 2021: v 1.1

I started creating game lists. For example, on this page, you can find the top 6 games in different categories. Ready-made selections are for those who prefer getting the cream of the crop without reading much.

June 18, 2020: v 1.0

All the games available on my website can be filtered by provider, available features, and other parameters.

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