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New technologies combined with the careful regulation of gambling in the UK made it possible for us all to play safe and fair live casino games that feel just like the “real” ones without leaving the comfort of our homes. Want to know how to find the best live-dealer games that won’t let you down? You can read about it at

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TOP-5 live casino games

Top Live Casino Games in Nominations:
Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming in Mr Green casino - best casino atmosphere

Professional dealers and top-quality streaming

Immersive Roulette by Evolution Gaming in casino - best live casino bonus

best live casino bonus

Blackjack Black Gold by NetEnt in LeoVegas casino - best mobile game

Smooth mobile gaming on all kinds of Android and iOS device

Free Bet Blackjack by Evolution Gaming in Karamba casino - game with the highest bets

Make bets as high as £2000

Auto Roulette by Ezugi in Barbados casino - game with the lowest bets

Make bets as low as £0.1

Choosing the Right-for-You Live Casino Game (GUIDE)

It’s not that important what you are going to play today, Live Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, or anything else, but it’s essential to choose a high-quality product and a reliable online casino for your bets. Playing on a shady website or opting for the wrong game might lead to fraud, or just to poor gambling experience — both options are not something we want from a gambling session.

So, let me introduce you to my 5-step way of selecting the best live casino game and the best online live casino in the UK.

5 steps towards the best live casino game:

5 steps towards the best live casino game:

If you want to play live casino games online but don’t have time or mood to look for them on your own, you can pick one of the winners in the following nominations. Not only each of them is the best by one of the criteria, but also perfectly meets my high-quality standards.

1. Learn where the game is streamed from

Learn where the game is streamed from

When it comes to live casino games, there are two possible options: a game can either be streamed from a real casino or from a professionally equipped studio. There is also a third option where the game is streamed from some poorly-lit basement, but we are not talking about such games here.

So, when choosing a live game, think about what kind of casino atmosphere you want to get at the moment and choose a respective product. I, personally, like studio-based games a little more, as their quality of streaming is usually better while the atmosphere remains just as bets-inducing. One of my all-time-favourites among all the live casino games is the

Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming. It’s a perfect Live Roulette in all aspects, starting from the dealers’ outlook and expertise, and ending with streaming quality and graphics.

2. Choose a game with a decent RTP

Choose a game with a decent RTP

The atmosphere is important, but it won’t work if the game doesn’t bring money, will it? That’s why your next step is to check the theoretical RTP of the games the casino has to offer and choose the one with the highest rate. It won’t guarantee you a jackpot, obviously, but it will increase your chances of winning in the long run, and that’s what I believe to be more important than a one-time win.

When I’m on a hunt for wins, I usually play the 2 Hand Casino Hold’Em by Evolution Gaming. It provides 99.13% RTP, which is much higher than the average Poker RTP.

3. Find a live casino bonus

Find a live casino bonus

Live casino bonuses are extremely rare, it’s a fact, but that is what makes them so valuable. The lack of live casino bonus is not the reason for turning the casino down. But it’s always so nice to find the website that lets you spend your bonus money on live-dealer games that I believe it to be worth all the searching.

As for now, one of the best live dealer bonuses is offered by casino. Here, you can get up to £100 on your first deposit and spend them on a live casino game of your choice. For example, on Immersive Roulette by Evolution Gaming.

4. Check mobile compatibility

Check mobile compatibility

Live casino games might not be the best products to play on mobile as it’s hard to get all the atmosphere on a smaller screen, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to do it. So, testing a live game on your mobile device is the next thing to do. Make sure the website loads properly, there are no crashes or freezes, and all the navigation elements are available.

LeoVegas casino is one of my favourite websites for mobile live casino betting as it meets all the criteria I mentioned before. Besides, it has the Blackjack Black Gold by NetEnt on the list, and I believe it to be the game that every gambler needs to try.

5. Opt for the game that meets your financial goals and possibilities

Opt for the game that meets your financial goals and possibilities

The final but one of the most important steps is to find the game with the minimum/maximum betting limits that suit your current financial situation and gambling goals. If you want to just “feel the game” without spending a lot of money on it, opt for the game with a minimal betting limit, like the Auto Roulette by Ezugi (£0.1 minimum bet). If your goal is to hit a jackpot, you’ll need to opt for a game and a casino which allow large bets. Of course, there are games for high-rollers where you can bet up to £25000 on a single game, but we are no billionaires here, so Free Bet Blackjack by Evolution Gaming with its £2000 maximum bet limit sounds like a good choice.

Live games with the smallest bets:

Live games with the largest bets:

Whatever is a perfect size of a bet for you, it is advisable to deposit more than 25 EUR when playing for the first time. In this way, you will increase your chances to win a lot.

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Live Casino Games: Basics

To the Guide

Even though live dealer casino games are not actually new, there are a lot of players who never tried them before for some reason. Some believe that live casino games are too complicated to even try, some are afraid of frauds, and some just don’t know how to choose the right game for their needs. The thing is, all of them are missing out on a great gambling experience.

Pros and cons of live casino games in UK casinos

When it comes to showing the benefits and drawbacks of a certain kind of game, I’m always honest and objective. This time, I’m going to show you both the bright and dark sides of live casino products. Here they are:

🎰️ Pros of live casino games:
  • ✔️
    Absolutely not complicated
  • ✔️
    Totally safe to play
  • ✔️
    Provide you with the maximum immersion
  • ✔️
    You can chat with other players
🙁 Cons of live casino games:
  • No demo games
  • Bonuses usually can’t be used on live games

As for me, the benefits of live dealer games significantly outweigh the drawbacks. Thus, it is worth trying live Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and other casino entertainments.

Useful links for live casino games players:

Uncle a casino dealer If you want nice chatty dealers then you can't go far wrong with Evolution or Playtech casinos. The studios have quite a different feel and most people seem to prefer one or the other for various reasons. Evolution dealers have less restrictions on what they are allowed to say and conversations with them feel less like a performance (fake). Basically everything Playtech dealers say and do is to get points to increase their ranking. Evolution doesn't score dealers like that, so they talk more honestly and don't fish for compliments etc.


moderator of Live Dealer Forum

Most Popular Types of Live Casino Games in UK

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Now let’s take a closer look at live casino games so you can easily navigate in the sea of live gambling products. If you are an experienced gambler who knows everything about the topic and is just looking for a game to play — you can skip this part and move directly to my list of the best live casino games.

Card Games


Live Baccarat might not be as popular as Roulette and Blackjack, though it’s still quite a captivating game that has a lot of fans among online gamblers. The rules, to put it shortly, are the following: there are two hands (sets of cards), one called the Banker, and another one called the Player. The bet is placed on one of the hands, and the one that hides cards with more points wins.


Blackjack is one more casino game that hits all the record numbers when it comes to popularity, and more or less for the same reason as roulette, with the only difference that blackjack serves to the card games fans. It’s easy to play, it doesn’t require learning any complicated rules, and yeah, it’s just super-fun. Basically, the only thing for a player to do here is to try to guess which card is going to be drawn next: your goal is to get as close to 21 points but not to exceed this limit.


At the start of the game, every player should take a pack of cards and deal them in rotation to the left, one at a time faceup, until a jack appears. Poker is almost always played with the standard 52-card deck, the playing cards in each of the four suits (spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs).

Dragon Tiger

This game shares many similarities with Baccarat. Dragon Tiger is played with a standard 52-card deck dealt from a regular blackjack shoe. If you haven’t tried it before, you definitely should as it will give you an exceptional gaming experience.

Dice Games

Sic Bo

There are two main components of Sic Bo you should know about — the betting board and the dice. Bets are settled every time after the throw of the dice. Playing this game is easy, even if you are a novice gambler. That’s why I often suggest it to casino newcomers who want to try some live entertainment.

Live Dice

Your aim in this game is to roll three dice and guess the total number that is going to appear. Simple, right? If you want to enjoy live Dice, I suggest opting for the one created by Evolution.

Live Dice Duel

This is an extremely simple real-time game where you have two dice, a red and blue one. The result of the live game is determined by the number of pips and the colour of the dice.

Live shows


If you want to try something non-typical in a lice casino and have fun, opt for keno. It works like a lottery and can bring you some decent wins.


The rules are simple: you should place your chips on the numbers on which you think the wheel is going to stop. There are some additional features that make this game different from Roulette.

Mega Wheel

The wheel in this game is split into nine numbers, each one offering a different payout. Your win depends on the number you bet.

Best providers of live dealer games

To the Guide

Do you know who created your favourite versions of Blackjack or Baccarat? Let me guide you through the list of top gaming providers who are focused on developing live-dealer products:

Evolution Gaming live games

The choice of live casino games on gaming sites is pretty impressive today, but if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that most of the products are made by Evolution Gaming. This company is an unchallenged leader in the live gambling industry for several reasons. Evolution is a synonym of quality in this case, as you can always expect HD graphics, smooth streaming, and professional dealers.

Here are Evolution live games that are definitely worth trying:

- Lightning Roulette

- First Person Blackjack

- Immersive Roulette

NetEnt live games

The live games from this provider are often streamed from the real casinos, so you can feel the real atmosphere in a remote game. In addition, NetEnt takes licensing and safety issues seriously, so you’ll hardly find its products in shady casinos.

I suggest playing the following NetEnt live games:

- Blackjack Common Draw

- Italian Roulette Live Casino

- Blackjack Black Gold

Ezugi live games

Products made by this brand might be less fancy and hyped than Evolution’s ones, but they are still worth checking. There are more than 70 tables at the Ezugi studios and over 18 table games in total. So as you see, this company takes live dealer casino games seriously.

If you want to play some Ezugi live games, I recommend to start with the most popular ones:

- Hippodrome Casino Roulette

- Baccarat Dragon Bonus Live Casino

- Dragon Tiger Live Casino

Authentic Gaming live games

Let me introduce you to another company that is famous for its live table games. The special thing about Authentic is that it offers some features that are not provided by other gaming developers. For instance, “Bet on Stats”, “High roller” and “Neighbours betting on main table”.

Here are Authentic games I suggest you try:

- Auto Roulette Live 30 Seconds

- Nightclub Roulette

- PrimeTime Live

Playtech live games

The list of Playtech games includes different versions of Roulette, Three Card Brag, Blackjack, Hi-Lo, Casino Hold’em and Baccarat. You can interact with a dealer in whatever language you speak since the provider offers communication in English, Italian, Russian, Romanian, and Spanish. In addition, their video feed is always crisp and clean.

You will definitely enjoy the following Playtech live products:

- Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette Live

- All Bets Blackjack Live

- Buffalo Blitz Live

Pragmatic Play live games

The brand was established in 2013, and now it is known all around the world. Most games offered by this provider are streamed from a London-based studio. I also like their well-constructed Lobby that displays available games grouped by type.

Let me show you Pragmatic live games that are worth trying:

- Live Baccarat

- Live Roulette

- Live Blackjack

TOP-5 New Live Casino Games

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If you are keen on live games and play them frequently, at some point, it may seem that you have already tried all the available ones. This is a perfect moment for looking for new live-dealer products created by the best developers. I made a top selection for you.

Classic mixes with modern in this Roulette. In fact, a Classic European Roulette game is hosted by dealers who are native Hindi speakers. You might like the studio design full of details inspired by India.

Try this innovative Roulette with 4 auto wheels in each game round. Additional betting options will make your live game more exciting.

This is an immersive and rewarding game show with a super-sized wheel containing 54 colourful segments with numbers. You can bet on as many numbers as you wish. However, you can’t bet more than €1000 on one number.

I suggest you try this multiplayer game with 8 decks of cards played by the host of the game. Each table here is launched with two different camera angles for maximum immersion.

This is a quite nice game with dynamic statistics boards. Here is how Evolution describes its product – “It is a lively and fast-paced game with many ways to bet and even more ways to win”.

Variations and Features of Live Dealer Games

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There are so many live dealer games! Even if you know how to play all of them and are aware of the difference between 2 Hand Casino Hold’em and Hippodrome Casino Roulette, it still can be hard to make a choice. Thus, I want to tell you about some additional variations of such games which will help you to select the most suitable option.

So here are the aspects to consider when choosing a live-dealer game:

  • Gender of a dealer

From my experience, female dealers can be found in an online casino as often as male ones. Whatever gender is more comfortable for you, you are not going to look long for it.

  • Language

If you want to enjoy the real casino vibes, it’s vital to pick one where a dealer and other players speak your language. It’s not a problem for English speakers since almost all casinos provide this language as an option.

  • Availability of side bets

I prefer to have an opportunity to play games with side bets like Perfect Pairs, 21+3, Super 6, Hot 3, Bust It, and more.

  • Game Variants

The more game variations a casino offers, the better. For instance, if you are a fan of Blackjack, look for a place where you can try VIP, Pre-Decision, Speed, Bet Behind, and Free Bet Blackjack.

3 Tips for Playing Live Casino Games Online

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Here, you will not find tricks “how to hack a live game,” but you will get valuable suggestions on not messing up your gaming session. Follow these simple rules to increase your chances to win in Live Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, etc. 

  • Plan your budget consciously

All types of casino games are quite addictive. But when it comes to live ones, you are even more likely to get involved in the betting process too much. The immersive atmosphere of live casinos has its disadvantages. So, I recommend you set a limit on the money you can spend on a particular game or gambling session. Never exceed this limit to avoid financial problems. 

  • Fully focus on the game

When playing a card game and counting cards that have already been used, it is possible to get an idea of what the next card will be. To do it, you have to be 100% concentrated on the gaming process

  • Make sure you have a good connection

Nothing can spoil your gambling session more than a sudden loss of internet. Start playing only when you are sure that there is no chance to be kicked off the game because of a weak connection. 

Where Not to Play Live Casino Games

To the Guide

The casinos that offer a welcome bonus with too high wagering requirements are not that bad considering that some gaming sites trick their users and refuse to pay out. When I find a casino that does some dishonest things to its customers, I add it to my Blacklist. Here are the main reasons why different websites ended up in fraudulent casinos are here. Every time you find a new site to play, spend a few seconds on checking whether it is not on the Blacklist, my dark selection.

Signs of a fraudulent gaming site:
  • The casino is using pirated games
  • The casino does not let players withdraw their winnings
  • The casino does not have enough money

I’m not only testing gaming sites myself but also reading gambler forums and the comments left by my readers. This approach excludes the possibility of missing some shady place. You can be sure that 99% of fraudulent casinos are here. Every time you find a new site to play, spend a few seconds on checking whether it is not on the Blacklist.


To the Guide

Live casino games are the perfect way to ring the changes into your online gambling routine. They are fun and lucrative, and they can bring you everything a gambler might need, but only as long as you play games made by reliable providers, and do it in reliable online casinos.

To avoid unpleasant experiences, always follow my guide on how to choose the best live casino game and pay attention to all the aspects, or simply pick the game from my list and enjoy your bets and wins right now.

Live Casino Games


Do I need to download any software to play live casino games?

Some casinos will ask you to download their software to play live casino games, but in most cases, they are available for instant-play in browsers.

How do I communicate with live dealers?

Every live casino game has a live chat option where you can communicate with a dealer and other players around the virtual table.

Are live dealer games 100% fair?

Yes, as long as you play them in online casinos licensed by UKGC or other reputable licensing institutions. You can always find the websites meeting this and other quality criteria in my lists.

Why don’t casinos let me spend welcome bonuses on live dealer games?

I don’t know the exact reason, but it seems like offering bonuses for live dealer games is not profitable enough for most of the casinos. Nevertheless, there are websites that still let the players spend the bonus money on live games — I keep an eye on them and share all the new offers with my readers.

Can I play live dealer casino games for free?

No. Demo versions of live games do not exist. However, you do have the possibility to watch others playing and learn the basics in this way.

Which live casino games should I try?

If you prefer to rely on your luck, I suggest starting with Roulette. Those who like creating game strategies and analysing the playing process might like Blackjack.

Are there working hours in live casinos?

No, live online casino games are available around the clock. You can play whenever you want.

Should I worry about my internet connection when playing live casino games?

If you suddenly lose the internet, it’s not the end of the world. Nevertheless, you can lose some money in such a case. So it’s better to make sure your connection is stable before starting to play live casino games online.