Online Casino Evaluation: A Change Log

You probably noticed that all the casinos on my website have their rating. The best of them are listed in the top-6 selections on each page. In order to test each and every casino, I use my own methodology. Learn more about my criteria and check the latest updates to my approach below.

January 01, 2021: v 2.0

I formalized my approach to casino rating creation. At this time, I started writing detailed guides on how a regular user can test any casino. A classical instruction for choosing a casino website includes the following steps:

  • 🔒 Make sure the online casino is safe enough
  • 🃏 Consider the diversity of online games available
  • 💰 Analyze your bonus offer at UK casinos
  • 📱 Look for a well-optimized mobile version
  • 💷 Opt for a quick withdrawal
  • ☎ Choose UK casinos with a live chat available

With my 6 criteria, you can evaluate all the essential aspects of any online casino. I use them to decide whether I should recommend or not recommend the brand to my readers.

November 09, 2020: v 1.4

Since the number of fake casinos is growing rapidly, I started adding them to a blacklist. I highly suggest you check if the casino website where you are making money is blacklisted before making the next deposit. The thing is, at any moment, it can be sold to dishonest owners that will start deceiving players. Now, you can be sure that I'll be the first to know about it.

October 19, 2020: v 1.3

When testing an online casino, I always pay a lot of attention to T&C because many readers of my site are looking for lucrative bonuses, which I usually do not recommend.

October 09, 2020: v 1.2

I introduced a new "Best Welcome Bonus" nomination for many casino selections.

September 09, 2020: v 1.1

I started creating nominations to select the best casinos according to various parameters. From this moment, the best casinos in the nominations have been placed on the pages with the lists of casinos.

June 09, 2020: v 1.0

The casino rating creation is based on the general impression of brand fairness and players' feedback.

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