Blacklisted Online Casinos for February 2024

To help you avoid dishonest online casinos that can make your gambling a nightmare I've created this blacklist for UK casinos. The casinos can get to this list for lots of different reasons from unclear terms and conditions to rigged software. But they have something in common — they all must be avoided.

This casino got to the blacklisted because of using unethical business practices linked with affiliate companies, including buying not objective reviews on sites
This casino almost never let you withdraw your winnings without some problems. Payouts are often delayed or even canceled due to some unknown reasons. Customer support is not able to answer users’ questions properly.
I have seen a lot of complaints about this casino on other websites and got many negative reviews about them from my website users. This made me add to the blacklist.
Delayed payouts are a natural thing for this casino. They also can decline your withdrawal request without telling you the reason. Is that how such a service should behave? I don’t think so. Therefore, Cashpot ends up on my blacklist.
Even if you earn something there, you are not likely to get your winnings. This casino is dishonest according to most reviews and my own experience. I definitely don’t recommend playing there.
I noticed that this casino is using unethical business practices. Some of those who regularly visit my website told me that their accounts in Casino1 Club were blocked after they requested money withdrawal. That’s why this casino ends up on my blacklist.
Those who participate in their affiliate program do not get the money they were promised. Another reason why this casino got into my blacklist is blocking users’ accounts without any explanation. Disco just wants to get your money.
Not a trustworthy casino. I can’t recommend you to play there since I have received tons of emails with complaints about the ClubWorld service. The users say that every time when it comes to the withdrawal process, problems begin. I do not want any of you to experience the same, so the casino goes to my blacklist.
Their support lacks a lot of knowledge about how the casino works. People who are working there are not able to solve simple problems. Apart from that, withdrawals in Euromoon are always delayed. Some users said that their payout requests were canceled with no reason.
The bonuses are practically impossible to wager. In addition, users often complain about the depositing process in this casino. I would suggest you avoid playing there.
They do not let users cashout. Lots of players say that the casino simply blocks users’ accounts and ignores them.
The affiliate program of this casino is completely dishonest. If you win some money in HighNoon, there is no guarantee you will be able to withdraw it. Users often complain about problems with payout.

About The Online Casino Blacklist

My website holds a blacklist to help people avoid dishonest online casinos. I test many online casinos but not each of them can pass this test. Some online casinos cannot be trusted due to different reasons. I put unreliable online casinos where they belong - on the blacklist. With this list, you can find out why you should not play at this or that casino.

As soon as a casino matches any of the following, it is blacklisted

  • Doubtful casinos
  • ⛔️ Blacklisted

Of course, a casino cannot merely end up on the blacklist without any reasons. And more importantly: it cannot just be removed from this list either.

This list only contains UK online casinos you ought to stay away from.

I do not take complaints about online casinos on the blacklist into consideration because I clearly warn you about their unreliability. The best thing to do before you play somewhere is to read casino reviews and check out the rating. That way, you can be sure that you are playing at reliable online casinos.

Why I Can Blacklist a Casino

Why I Can Blacklist a Casino

I will briefly explain how I determine that a casino has to be blacklisted:

1. The Casino Uses Non-Licensed Software

The Casino Uses Non-Licensed Software

You may ask whether software should be licenced? It should be, and software providers have either get the licence and pay an annual fee or leave the market. For players from different countries, the selection of games might differ at any licenced casino they play.

Some rogue casinos try to attract the players at any cost, even by providing pirated or fake games. As these games are not licenced, no one knows what RTP is or if you even can win something there at all. Fraudulent casinos might also swap licenced games with fake ones so no player can win even a penny.

It's easy to find out that the game is fake when you know where to look. All you have to do is to check the host domain in the source code of the page.

Be sure that the casino that practices the use of non-licensed software will find its way onto my blacklist.

2. The Casino Doesn't Pay Out

The Casino Doesn't Pay Out

Gambling is both exciting and fun. However, the fun can immediately stop if an online casino doesn't pay out your winnings. There may be several reasons for that.

To avoid paying out, unfair casinos turn to terms and conditions. These T&C can be strict, confusing, unreasonable or even impossible. Often such online casinos interpret their T&C in order to take advantage of their players.

Or the casinos make their players do endless identity ("know your customer" or KYC ) procedures. New types of documents are requested again and again, and each time the process takes more and more time. In some cases, the casino can even require documents to be certified by a lawyer to pay out the winning. Sometimes the cost of such papers quickly becomes more than the prize, that can make players leave the casino without taking the money they have won.

3. The Casino is Out of Money

The Casino is Out of Money

While some online casinos can be utterly unreliable on purpose, other casinos are willing to pay, but simply have no money to do so.  Nowadays, with ready-made white label platforms, it is elementary to start an online casino. Still, not all of the owners have the money to pay.

Casinos might not have enough cash on hand to pay out all the winnings. As a result, every time a large amount of money is won, payment issues occur. I keep an eye on such online casinos.

There is no sense in playing at a casino that cannot afford to pay out the winnings. That is why I also warn you about such online casinos by adding them to my blacklist. These casinos do not always have bad intentions. Still, even though the aim may be right, the result stays the same – you won't be able to receive the money you have won.

4. The Online Casino Misleads or Collaborates with Spammers

The Online Casino Misleads or Collaborates with Spammers

Spam messages are one of the most annoying things, especially when you didn't ask for them and have no idea why you are receiving them. Swindling online casinos may buy and sell lists that contain information about players. These people are subsequently bombarded with e-mails.

I consider privacy to be of paramount importance. That is why I warn you about casino brands that may sell your personal information to third parties as well as the casinos that may buy privacy-sensitive data.

Misleading e-mail marketing is often a sign of a weak or unreliable casino. I believe that if the product is excellent and reliable, it uses only accurate information and advertising. So the online casinos that promote themselves using misleading advertising are on my blacklist.

5. The Online Casino Supports Criminals

The Online Casino Supports Criminals

What can be even worse than passing data onto spammers? It is having your data fall into the hands of criminals. If criminals get access to your personal and financial information, you can get in trouble. For example, your passport can be used for different shady purposes, and your bank account can get empty.

That is another reason why I can blacklist the casino: you maintain criminal behaviour playing there. Thieves steal because people buy stolen things. The same with hackers, they keep hacking because some online casinos are paying for it.

Numerous websites are being hacked every day. Well-meaning and hardworking people suffer from hackers. I believe that you should stay away from fraudulent online casinos that can be found on my blacklist above. Remember that online gambling is fun only when casinos play fair.

UPDATED February 2024

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Blacklisted Online Casinos for February 2024